Well, read my post because opportunities don’t happen, you create them.  And the time is NOW!

If, after reading my post you agree that long term solutions are needed, sign my petition and let’s get moving.

Our local newspapers have been doing a fine job of providing visuals so we have a clear picture of the trash issues that plague Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst and beyond.  It’s been described as the look of a “third world country”. While some residents pin the blame on the district-wide implementation of the organics program, Community Board 10 reports it also receives a dozen calls a week about the overflowing corner trash bins on major shopping strips.

What does our City Council recommendCHARGING the already overtaxed homeowners for trash removal!  I must thank Councilman Gentile for his rational thinking and announce $200K in funding for sanitation services as part of the NYC Cleanup Initiative.  We should be concerned, however, about what will happen when this funding runs out.  That is why I now turn to you and our elected officials to take this to the next level with proposals for long term solutions…….

Trash will always be a problem for our communities because of the overcrowding that exists. Illegal conversions haven’t helped.  Drive down any street, maybe 73rd Street between 12th and 13th Avenue,  see for yourself the amount of trash sanitation workers are picking up from each building —  far more trash than what would usually be placed curbside in a one or two family home. If you follow some of the people that exit the basement apartments of some homes, you often see them taking their trash to the corner bins on 13th Avenue.

We know the problems we are facing with trash issues,  so let’s not just talk about them, but come together for real solutions.  In my travels through the borough, it has been very clear to me that not all communities have the same needs.   For example, evidence shows that areas like Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge have exceptionally clean streets. In Community Board One their Assemblyman requested a reduction in alternate side parking giving motorists (who spend hours finding parking) a break by reducing alternate side parking regulations.

Let’s think of what this might due to help the trash problem.  This would provide a relief for beleaguered drivers and the ability to redeploy the sanitation workers who man the street sweepers to additional trash pickup needs within the community.

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Community Board 10 reported that when the organics program was instituted district-wide, it also brought with it changes to pick up procedures and single hopper trucks were replaced with dual bin trucks – resulting in an inability to pick up large items. Again, causing another change in procedure and the need for bulk items to have to be picked up through a special process.  Of course, this also had a negative impact on our sanitation problems?

Department of Sanitation representatives reports that Community Board 10 is one of the cleanest districts in the city   If you agree that solutions are necessary, sign my petition and let’s ask our representatives to get involved for a long-term cure by considering.

  1. Increasing trash pick-up days by redeploying sanitation workers
  2. Increasing sanitation enforcement agents during specified times to stop the use of corner trash bins for household garbage
  3. Revisit cost effectiveness of present Organics program

Remember, opportunities don’t happen, you create them and the time is now! Let the people have a voice.

Don't Charge Us More Money For Trash Pickup


Let\'s Tell The City Council NO to Adding an Additional Fee To Pick Up Trash

We the residents of NYC do not want an additional surcharge for the city to pick up our trash. We also want the city to crack down on people taking their household garbage to the garbage cans on the corner. Please sign this petition if you agree.

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