Vision Of Brooklyn

Vito’s vision is that of an independent leader who puts solutions and results ahead of politics.  By “thinking out of the box” and searching out funding sources through public-private partnerships he believes one can address numerous issues affecting our neighborhoods.

  1. Opioid epidemic – with a comprehensive community-based partnership between religious institutions, schools, police department and treatment providers – a host of substance abuse education, intervention and treatment options can be implemented.
  1. Transportation – Fight to freeze tolls and fight fare hikes and at the same time look for ways to ease congestion on Brooklyn’s streets by investigating alternatives to truck traffic routes.
  1. Housing – Identify locations (including air rights) where developers can partner with government and expand housing to provide additional affordable units for families and seniors.
  1. Homelessness – Identify religious and not-for-profit organizations that would partner with government to provide compassionate housing to homeless veterans, those suffering from substance abuse and/or mental health issues. This would include a treatment plan to help get them back on their feet.
  1. Education – Advocate for school choice.
  1. Economic Development – Meet with Private Sector City Planners to discuss ways in which to modernize our borough’s infrastructure, utilize our coastlines and attract quality jobs.