Bruno for Brooklyn Update – Checking IN

It’s been a busy week here at the Bruno for Brooklyn and I wanted to check in with everyone.  Monday was a somber day as all of us remembered the horrific day 16 years ago that forever changed our city.

Tuesday was primary day and the Bruno for Brooklyn team was out encouraging everyone to exercise their civic duty and vote. The general election on September 12 took place and congratulations to all the candidates who are moving on the general. Special shout out to my good friend and next city councilman from the 43rd district,  Mr. John Quaglione.

My team and I are out and about in Brooklyn and would love to come by and visit your block party, senior center, a house of worship,  civic organizations or just over a cup of coffee, that would be great.

Be Well.

PS   This business called politics is a b*tch. Especially the fundraising. Our campaign cannot compete with the establishment without your support. Please click the link below and contribute to helping to make Brooklyn a better place to live.

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